If you're a coach, you know champions are made in the off season. We've built our gym around the successful training young athletes. We've worked with teams that couldn't win a game and made them contenders. We've made pine riders into MVPs, and we've made high school athletes into college athletes. 


The Irvine NOVAquatics is a Silver Medal club for USA Swimming and considered one of the top teams in the country year after year.  They LOVE FSP and everything it has done for its club.  If this program is good enough for the swim club that has helped send multiple swimmers to international competition year after year, don't you think it's the right choice for your team?  

Please come and take a tour of our gym and see for yourself

We have individual, group and team plans.

Our trainers are all highly educated and have backgrounds in college sports and even some in professional athletics. We can help your team

Domi Richardson - NWSL  pro soccer player

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