We only have Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches on staff. That means that all of our staff members have gone through college and graduated in a related field, such as Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Anatomy, etc... 

After obtaining a degree in a related field, our strength coaches then are required to take the CSCS exam, which is costly, long and has less than a 50% passing ratio. All of our coaches are all required to have a current AED, CPR, and First Aid certification as well.

Although we all have coaching experience in our respective sports, we are not your typical coaches. We focus on movement and strength training to differentiate us from the rest of the field.  

Basically, WE'RE YOUR TEAM!!

Stephen Beseda


As the principal owner of Functional Sports Performance, Stephen Beseda has been involved in the sports training industry since 2001.

Stephen attended Central Washington University, and studied Exercise Science. After receiving his BA, he then received his CSCS through NSCA. He began working for BMD Sports as a strength and conditioning coach in Washington. He has trained many professional athletes from team sports to individual sports as well as many of the surrounding west coast college and high school athletes.  He currently is working with club programs throughout Orange County, CA; including Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Swim, Lacrosse, Football and Softball. 

Stephen’s expertise is focused in the area of sports training, injury prevention, and exercise therapy, which are central to the operations of the business.  He has an excellent reputation throughout the industry and brings tremendous strength and experience to this enterprise.  He continues to expand his knowledge in business and training.

Alex Nieto

Alex is the swimmer in the group. He coaches swimming at Northwood High School and with the Irvine NOVAquatics. Alex was quite the swimmer and Water Polo player himself back in the day at CSFU he was one of the key performers. When he's not at the pool or in the office at FSP scheduling workouts, you can find him on some mountain top somewhere.

Hint: If you want to learn how to get in shape, ask someone who climbs mountains for fun.

Andrew Payne


Coach Payne has a passion for helping athletes improve through targeted strength training and improved efficiency of movement. He has a keen eye for spotting small things that athletes can do to make big improvements, whether on the track, field or in the weight room. "As a lifelong athlete who didn't necessarily have the physical gifts of some others, I have had to find success through smart training and little 'hacks' that lead to improved performance." Coach Payne has worked with athletes and teams of all kinds, including local high school football and hockey teams, water polo and swim clubs, semi-professional rugby, NCAA Football players preparing for the Draft Combine and current NFL players. 

Jared Covarrubias


Jared Covarrubias was born and raised here in southern California. Jared grew up playing football and was a three year varsity starter at Los Altos High School where he also threw shot put and discus. His senior year he was named a team captain and was honored with All-League honors as well as inducted into the National College Football- High School Hall of Fame. Jared graduated from Chapman University with his degree in Kinesiology and received his CSCS shortly after. He has spent the last four years studying human physiology and sports performance. In his spare time his hobbies include hiking, long bike rides to the beach with short walks on the beach, and video games. 
Favorite quote: Patience is the Key to success